It took me a long time to even figure out a possibility of what might be going on in this cartoon

Drawing by David Borchart
Contest #292, June 27, 2011

“This déjà vu is getting really aggressive.”

anti-caption contest: “I wonder what it would be like if our pants were a little bit longer.”

or “This is the most confusing way I could think of to show how little we actually change over time, while also commenting on the monotony of every day life. Sorry, I’m drunj.”


  1. Matthew Presser

    I’ve always been puzzled by the New Yorker cartoons. I feel like they try to convey something so ambiguously obscure that any conclusion you draw from it is in turn so obscure that no one can argue with you.

    1. andrew

      I can’t tell if they have a caption picked out beforehand, but just choose not to use it, or they are completely lost for words with the dull cartoon they’ve drawn for no reason that they need to seek guidance from the internet.

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