Got A New Toy

I went and bought myself a Wacom Bamboo tablet for myself for Christmas. I’ve been wanting to make animations for awhile now, but not having a scanner or a camera has made it difficult. I can’t draw with a mouse for the life of me, so I figured it was about time. I tried to explain the concept of a graphics tablet to a few people, but with everything being an ereader or a netflix projector or a flying birds thrower, it’s hard to imagine wanting a tablet that doesn’t have a screen and is really just an over sized track pad with a fake pen.

I’ve got a half baked idea for an animated sitcom that I’m going to start writing with one of my roommates that will show off our slightly recognizable Jimmy Stewart impressions.

Anyway, the Bamboo tablet came with a quick little animation program that wasn’t bad for what it was. No audio capability, and it can only export FLVs (which makes it hard to use trusty, old Windows Movie Maker), but it was easy and free is free. I’m still getting used to drawing on the tablet and whatnot, but it is already leaps and bounds over trying to draw with a mouse.

Without further ado, my first surrealist short film of 2013 that was made in less than 5 minutes.



  1. Jim Groom

    I was thinking about you yesterday. And lo and behold you post today, the power of the bava is endless. I got a proposition for you, I am thinking about producing the ds106 Summer session class as a kind of updated Twilight Zone called ds106 Zone. Each class will be an episode about a particular thing we do in class, creating your own site, commenting, photography, audio, video, and all the minutia in between, Each episode will be stand alone, and roughly 26 minutes. You interested in writing a few? I can;t promise you money, just credit and any part of the fame and fortune in the rare event it happens. Class runs from May 15 through June 20th, so there is plenty of time. But given you have a tablet, maybe it is time to storyboard a few ds106-related Twilight Zone episodes.

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